Firmware Tablet gp33003

Firmware Tablet gp33003


JXD S603 GP33003 4.3″
JXD S5300 GP33003 5″
S7100a 7″

Eken D70 Tablet -Android 2.3




Otros GP33003

Pan baidu


STEP 11-Touch Screen


1. Check the power supply is correct.
2. Check RESET is correct.
3. Check the connector weld quality.
4. Check the HDMI level-shifter MOS device part number is correct, I2C waveform is correct.


Flash Tool (añadir excepcion de seguridad)

Si no deja instalar el software o se queda en tanto %, probar con otra version de la herramienta

“Super MP-Tool is combined with NAND driver. For the version compatibility, please check NAND driver version of kernel and compare with Super MP-Tool. If it matched with the list, it’s compatible. ”

Este usuario indica como que “sabe” como editar el touch

1. Run MassProductionTool
2. Hold down the “Home” button and connect the console to the computer using USB.
3. In the main window of the program in one of the lines should appear with the name of the device and the status “Ready!”. Once this happens, press the “Start Download”.
4. Wait for the firmware (progress bar should reach the end and display the value of 100%)


A10 Allwinner Boxchip,a55.html#especificaciones



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